What type of woman looks down on a man?

Analyzing a man at first glance would seem almost strange but it doesn’t seem entirely bad to me if it were a man to do it.

That is, let me explain better, most of the time we are led to look up at a person who might interest us, perhaps making hypotheses, imagining the character, analyzing him as a whole just to see some details.

Well, we are talking about details when we look down on a man who falls into our viewfinder.

We must start by saying that every type of woman has a man who is similar to her.

I have grouped only 3 of the most important ones to date:

  1. The ambitious woman
  2. The woman next door
  3. The escort lugano woman

In any case, these three types of women need a man who stands up to them, they are 3 types of very strong women and this unites them.

Let’s start by saying that the ambitious woman is: ruthless, careerist, self-centered, careerist, unscrupulous, in short, at least a str…a, and it is precisely for this reason that the moment a man presents himself in front of him, he begins to subject him to the microscope looking down on him, his ways, his clothes, so most of the time snubbing him.

What you are looking for I list a few points:

  1. EQUALITY: The man who conquers the alpha woman can hardly be a sexist misogynist
  2. COURAGE: Loving an alpha woman may not be a walk in the park and the man who falls in love with her and decides to stand by her may have to accept a different role from the more “classic” and dominant male one.
  3. INDEPENDENCE: The alpha woman is independent, she will not be able to be with a man who binds her and who is completely dependent on her emotionally
  6. TRUST : Trust is the foundation of all relationships

While as regards the woman next door who appears to be normal, good girl, sweet, in my opinion she is the most ruthless because behind her angelic face she hides a very dominant character.

How do you look at the man and how would you like him?

I express my opinion on what I have heard in the various years of writing, behind the famous phrase the girl next door there is nothing but a woman who hides her mysterious personality and which consequently leads to attract men with mystery or a sense of danger who can afford courtship relationships in the form of play or various flattery.

She will look at him as a poor man who will do anything to have a relationship with her.

So she will start to stall, making herself want to become a prey but dominating the game like a real poker player knows how to do .. making the man dominated by her, putting him to the test also in this case to verify the man’s character if it turns out to be weak or strong.

No woman wants a weakling by her side remember that.

Finally, the third type of woman, the one most sought after on dating sites today is the search for incontri trans friuli for the escort category.

This woman is none other than the union of the first two categories, the union of ambition with ingenuity…

High-end escorts are not found in the middle of the street, they contact each other on the internet, through incontri erotici or targeted searches on personal profiles.

If you are interested in becoming an Escort, one of the first things to consider is how much education you need. We determined that 36.6% of escorts have a college degree. In terms of higher education levels, we found that 3.5% of Escorts have a master’s degree.

So having said that, an escort with such a high profile will look at the man not only for his physical appearance but for the imprinting that will generate the approach from the beginning of the conversation in bed.

That is, the escort seeks attention from the man of power so if the cost is high, even the hands of those who are about to touch them will be high, so she will seek out a powerful man.

Here’s how you see even if you dominate sometimes you always look for the dominator.

By Travis Mann

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