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There are thousands of different types of food out there, and it’s safe to say that you probably won’t find very many of them at your local Turkish restaurant. In fact, it’s likely that the only real Turkish food you’ll ever encounter is döner kebap (also known as doner or gyros), a popular lamb and veal sandwich that is served with tomatoes onions and lettuce on pita bread.

If you love your local Turkish restaurant, then great: this list will help you discover even more amazing dishes to try when you next visit best Turkish restaurant Manchester. If not, then there’s something here for you too. Because while most people tend to think of food from one particular country when they hear the word ‘cuisine’—French, Italian, Chinese—there are really as many types of food as there are countries in the world. So if your local Turkish restaurant doesn’t serve up any of these delicious dishes recommended below.


It is one of the most common forms of Turkish cuisine, especially as many fruits and vegetables are grown in the Turkish climate. Dolma refers to any food that is stuffed with rice and herbs and then cooked in grape leaves or cabbage leaves. It’s a popular dish that can be cooked with a wide variety of different ingredients, so you’ll often have it on the top of the menu of your local Turkish restaurant, especially during the autumn and winter months.


Those who have eaten at a Turkish restaurant before are no doubt familiar with the word ‘kebab’. This one is considered one of the popular dishes in this part of the world and is made from marinated meat (usually lamb or goat) that is grilled over open flames. Common kebabs include, as the name suggests, shish kebab (where a skewer of meat is placed on a grilled surface) or döner kebap, which is a sandwich made from the same type of meat. There are many different ways to cook kebabs, so you may find that the recipe at your local Turkish restaurant is different from the one you tried at another place. Your best bet here is to go with what you like and what tastes delicious to you.


Iskender is a dish that is often served in Turkish cafes and restaurants. It is a type of doner kebab (translated as “meat roasted on a vertical rotisserie”) that is made with Turkish bread, topped with tomato sauce and an intensely creamy yoghurt sauce. You can also expect to find many other toppings on this delicious dish, including peppers, cucumbers and onions. If you’ve not even tried it before, you should add it to your to-do list the next time you visit a Turkish restaurant. It’s a great way to try a unique variation of a dish that is already very common in this part of the world.


Lahmacun is another dish that you’re likely to find on the menu at your local Turkish restaurant. It is a type of pizza that is made with dough and filled with finely chopped meat, onions and spices. It is commonly topped with tomatoes, herbs, peppers and a creamy sauce made from yoghurt and garlic. Lahmacun is a very common dish in Turkey and one that is usually served for breakfast or as a quick snack. If you find yourself at a Turkish restaurant, you should definitely try it out.


Makana is a type of noodle dish that is common in Turkish cuisine. It is usually sufficed with a piece of tomato, onion and parsley on top, as well as a thick, creamy sauce made from yoghurt. Although it is most often served in a bowl, it is sometimes wrapped in a piece of Turkish bread, like the lahmacun.



If you love meat, then you’re in luck; bacon is very common in Turkish cuisine, and you’ll probably see it on the menu at your regional Turkish restaurant. You can expect it to be heavily spiced, so if you’re a fan of Turkish food, you’ll already know that they love their spices. You can add it to a salad or use it to top off a doner kebab.

Sep (or Sakro) Meatballs

Meatballs are another common dish in Turkish cuisine, and you’ll likely find them at your local Turkish restaurant, especially during the winter months. Sep meatballs, which are a common variation on this dish, are made with a mixture of beef and rice, flavoured with herbs and spices, and served in a thick, creamy yoghurt sauce.

Tandir exists

It is a type of oven that is commonly used in Central Asian and Turkish cooking, and you’ll often find a variation of it in many restaurants in the Eastern Mediterranean. Tandir consists of a large, cylindrical clay oven that is used for baking, grilling and smoking foods. It is often used to cook a dish called tavuklu iskender, which is a type of Iskander that is served with a baked chicken instead of a meat doner.

Urgup kolbasti and Bafru Hummus

These are two more dishes that you’re likely to come across at your local Turkish restaurant. Kolbasti is a type of lamb stew that is very common in Turkish cuisine, and Baru is a yoghurt-based dip that is usually served with bread. Hummus, which is another dip that you’re likely to find at your local Turkish restaurant, is made from blended chickpeas, sesame paste and garlic. You can drop simply about anything into it, including pita bread, vegetables or potatoes.


One of the considerable attractive items about food is that it can be found across the world, in every country, and in every civilisation. Food is not just something that we eat to fuel our bodies—it’s also a way we connect to one another, a way we share our cultures and traditions. It’s a way we learn about other people, other cultures and other ways of life.

So if you find yourself at a local Turkish restaurant, you might want to order something other than döner kebap. You might be shocked by how many types of food are out there and how many new cultures and ways of life you can learn about from a simple plate of food.

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