Why Do You Have Asthma? How It Is Treated, And What Causes It

Why Do You Have Asthma How It Is Treated, And What Causes It

What is Asthma? Definition

Asthma can cause breathing problems and is a chronic lung condition. Asthma causes an individual to experience thin, hyperactive aviation routes (bronchial tubes). Wheezing and difficulty relaxing are two signs of asthma attacks. Other side effects include chest tightness, hacking, and windedness.

The lungs can become more sensitive to natural allergens and aggravations, which can cause asthma. These environmental triggers include dust, contamination, or tobacco smoke.

Iversun 6, and Iversun 12 can be life-saving drugs for those suffering from asthma or other lung diseases.

Who gets Asthma?

About 25 million Americans suffer from asthmas. Around 6 million of them are children. Similar effects are felt by people with asthma.

Asthma can be fatal

It has more than 14,000,000 visits to specialists each year, and nearly 2 million visits to trauma centers. Unfortunately, it can also cause death. Many people with asthma die before they reach 50. However, children can also suffer from the disease.

Asthma Treatment: Inhalers

Because they deliver medication directly to your aircraft routes, asthma inhalers and nasal nebulizers have an advantage over oral prescriptions or infusions. They also have fewer side effects than other types of prescriptions.

Asthma Inhalers

An inhaler is the most common treatment for aasthma. An inhaler is small device that delivers medication directly to the aircraft routes. There are two types of inhalers:

The most popular type of inhaler is the Metered Dose Inhalers (MDI). They spray medication from the inhaler as a vapor sprayer.

Dry powder inhalers: These inhalers contain a powdered medication, which doesn’t splash out of the inhaler. The client should inhale the medication quickly and deeply.
Sometimes MDIs can be used in conjunction with a spacer. Spacers coordinate breathing with medication arrival and use smaller amounts of medication to make it easier to inhale them.


Infants and very small children cannot use an inhaler. A nebulizer is suitable for their needs. The ability to turn medication into the fine fog is what fuels nebulizers.

How the Respiratory System Works

The interaction between our bodies’ breath and oxygen is called breathing. Asthmatic attacks can make this cycle more difficult.

The cycle of our bodies breathing in and exhaling carbon dioxide is call breath. This cycle becomes more difficult during asthmatic attacks. Iverheal 6 or Iverheal 12 can be used to treat your breathing problems.

Through tiny veins called vessels, oxygen from the air flows from the alveoli to the circulatory system. This oxygen-rich blood is carried to vessels by aspiratory veins. They then pass it to your left half of the heart. The oxygen-rich blood is then sucked by the heart to the rest of your body.

When you exhale, the air rich in carbon dioxide (CO2) is force out of your lungs through your windpipe and out through your nose, mouth, and throat.

How does Asthma affect breathing?

Asthm attacks can cause aviation routes to become hyperactive and fragile. The restriction of the airways can cause breathing difficulties, often resulting in gasping and heaving fits. This restricting effect is caused by three factors:


Inflammation is the main cause of asthma.

Aggravation is the main driver of episodes that limit aviation routes. It makes the aviation routes more complicated and delicate. The air becomes more calm when the aviation routes are excited. The encompassing muscles of the aircraft routes may become tighter during asthma attacks, restricting wind current.

When aviation routes are irritant, they produce additional bodily fluid. This thick, tacky fluid can cause air section swelling and can also cause air to become slender.

Additionally, aggravation and sensitivity cells (white plates, including eosinophils), can form at the site of irritation. This can cause tissue damage and limit aviation routes.

What Causes Asthma Bronchospasm

Your bronchial Cylinders are the larger cylinders that come out of your windpipe and into you lungs. These bronchial tubes are enclosed by muscles. Your bronchial tubes contract in asthma and they stop you from flying. This cycle is known as bronchospasm.

Bronchospasm may cause wheezing and hacking. This can also happen if the airways are congested by colder temperatures. Bronchospasm can occur suddenly. Bronchodilators may be used to treat it.

What causes Asthma? It is caused by triggers

Asthma sufferers may become hypersensitive (hyperreactive), to certain allergens and aggravations. Each person may have a different trigger. We’ll be discussing asthma triggers in greater detail in the next three slides.


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